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Thank You For My Freedom Update

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The response to the Museum’s Thank You For My Freedom campaign has been truly overwhelming. Thousands of people from across the globe have submitted heartfelt comments, photos and videos to show their gratitude to all who have served. We look forward to receiving thousands more as Veterans Day approaches.

Visit www.myveteransday.org to find out more.

Read articles on Thank You For My Freedom by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Weider History Group and more!

Here are just a few examples of Thank Yous we have received.

THANK YOU For my freedom! To all who have served past and present to defend our country, preserve our liberty and keep us safe and allow us to enjoy our very unique way of life in the US. I want to send a very special Thank You to my father, Alan W. Pettit for his service in WWII as a member of the 78th (Lightning) infantry. He made it through the “Battle of the Bulge”, and after being wounded, came home to work hard, marry the love of his life for over 60 years, and raise his family. He was my hero!

My grandfather, MSG Ardell Gafford. Thank you so much for My Freedom. To you and to all the incredible people who put their lives on the line to ensure that our way of life continues. You are loved and appreciated every day.

Thank you for fighting for us overseas. Thank you for risking your life so that we can have our freedom. We are all very grateful for your service. – AD

Thank you for protecting our nation! – AD

Thanks to all the veterans in the United States. Thank you so much for serving our country and helping us to gain freedom. – Wade Broussard

Thanks to all the vets for serving our country! St.Michael’s supports you! – WB

Thank You for risking your lives every day to protect our freedom. We will be praying for you. – LD

Thanks for all you guys who have served this country. We wouldn’t be here as a united nation if it wasn’t for you guys. – PD

Thank you … there are no words to describe your sacrifice and courage.  Your actions are much appreciated. – PD

Thank you for fighting for our freedom. I appreciate all that y’all did in the war.  Thank y’all and God bless, Christian – PD

Thank you veterans, for all of your efforts and will to risk your lives for our national security. All you do is greatly appreciated, and I wish you luck in your duties. – SC

Thank you for all that you did for us. – Lauren, NJ

Thank you for fighting for my country. I am very proud of you guys for fighting for our country. – Devan, NJ

Thank you for fighting for our freedom.  – Christopher, NJ

Thank you for fighting on the holidays. –  Taylor, NJ

I appreciate everything that all of you have done. Without all of our soldiers this country might not be a free country today. Thank y’all. – SC


Robert Bassett (87) and Ronald Bassett (95), the last of 6 brothers and 2 brothers in law who served (1941 – 1946) from Montana. Submitted by Robert Bassett (Mr. Bassett is one of our WWII veteran volunteers at the Museum)

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One Response to “Thank You For My Freedom Update”

Holly Armendariz says:

Thank you to all the veterans now and to come for my freedom and the freedom of all the United Staes.I hope God blesses you and your families :)
Holly Armendariz

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