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“Heiress” Aids Victims of WWII Atrocities

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Caroline Ferriday, a wealthy and beautiful  young woman from Connecticut, spent her whole life trying to right the wrongs of the Nazi regime. Initially working to aid French citizens, she turned her efforts specifically to the “Lapins,” a group of women who were arrested for aiding the French Resistance and used for horrific Nazi medical experiments.

Thanks to One New England for sharing this article with us. Read the full story of Caroline Woolsey Ferriday.

Posted by interactive content and community manager Kacey Hill

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One Response to ““Heiress” Aids Victims of WWII Atrocities”

Mark Grosze says:

Thursday, August 18, 2011 (12 Midnight)

Thank you for this heart inspiring article. Connecticut has rich heritage, and this is certainly another vivid example of it! More articles like these of great heroes and heroines and their sacrifices of yesterday in times of tremendous adversity, challenge and sacrifice are needed today to inspire a rather soft generation looking for role models.

As a Coast Guard Academy graduate (1974), history never meant as much to me then as it does now since having the past 27 years to research it. I have met the curator of the Museum of Berlin (1973), whose dad gave his life as a conscriptee (do it or be shot for treason by Hitler’s SS Nazis) to face the Allies at the Battle of Berlin to end the European theater of the conflict.This museum depicted then how a nonGerman, Jewish-born lunatic, bastard child by the Rothschild maid, could rise out of obscurity, charismatically captivate the minds of a depraved society (coming out of WW-I), and bring together with the aid of propaganda machinery the political, economic, religious and patriotic fervor of a people, and through deception, disinformation and absolute wicked trickery (like how his Nazis orchestrated the burning of the Reichstag and managed to pawn it off on the Socialist/Marxists) mind swindle a nation into making him fuhrer, one of the most wicked men of our time.

That same Christmas, I was privileged to meet, shake the hand of, and thank General Patton, the son of General George Patton, while visiting the European Command Center at Vaihingen outside Stuttgart Germany. And, I have been personal friends of a man who died recently, who was one of two guards guarding Franklin Roosevelt’s body on the last train ride, ended up being a top secret photography for General Mark Clark during the war, after losing a lung to pneumonia just days before he would have shipped out for the Normandy invasion.

However, it is acts of bravery and selflessness, such as these depicted in the life of Caroline Ferriday, which stir the soul and fire the heart toward greater accomplishment on behalf of those in need! Our work is never ended to ensure that the similtude of the Hitlers, the Stalins, the Napoleans, the Suddam Husseins, the Muburaks, the bin Ladens, the corrupt dictators of the past and recent do not become reality within our own nation, for our future and our posterity, that these have not sacrificed in vain.

Thank you for this article.

God Bless You!

Mark Grosze

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