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#myww2stuff- Preserving your family’s important WWII stories

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One of the neat things about working at a Museum is that you are surrounded by and work closely with experts in the field― folks who are passionate about preserving material culture from the past because they understand the significance and meaning of these artifacts. Recently, my education co-workers Lauren and Gemma brought in items from their grandfathers’ service from WWII. Of course, these are personal mementos to their family, and tell important stories of their grandpas’ lives, both who now have passed away. These photographs, yearbooks, service papers, and trinkets are a lens into the lives of men who are loved and remembered by their families. They are not just important mementos to their own families’ past, but even help us at the Museum compile and share the varied history of the American experience in WWII.

These pieces were brought in different conditions and  modes of storage. Items were zipped up in plastic bags with one image or item on top of another. While some items were in almost pristine condition, others were showing the signs of wear and fray after 70 years of being stored in closets or attics.  With easy access to our fellow colleagues in the Collections and Exhibits Department, Lauren and Gemma can learn one-on-one how to preserve these items for many years to come, so they can continue to share the stories of their loved ones with future generations.

Don’t work in a Museum and wonder how you can learn to preserve and protect your own family’s WWII mementos? Well, you’re in luck! Tune in to our Adult Learning Webinar, Caring for Your Own WWII Collection  on January 14th. Museum Registrar and Assistant Director of Collections and Exhibits Toni Kiser  will share common preservation techniques and answer your submitted questions. Can’t watch the live program? All registrants will receive a recording to view at their own convenience.

Also, be sure to submit a picture of your family’s WWII artifacts (like Lauren and Gemma’s items above) before the webinar so we can address your specific questions.  Post on the Museum’s Facebook Wall or tag @WWIIMuseum on Twitter or Instagram pages using the hashtag #myww2stuff. 

Register today and don’t forget to send questions and pictures our way with the hashtag #myww2stuff!

Post by Chrissy Gregg, Virtual Classroom Coordinator

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