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We are proud to continue to present to you the Road to Berlin, the first floor galleries within Campaigns of Courage: European and Pacific Theaters. In last week’s post, we explored the Allies efforts and ultimate success in pushing the Axis out of North Africa. The next stop in the Mediterranean is Sicily.

NICK PREFERRED_1.4 Invasion of Sicily

Rendering of the Invasion of Sicily gallery

As you leave the desert landscape of North Africa you will enter a gallery with the look and feel of a home in Sicily. This is where the Allies delivered the first piercing blow to the so-called “soft underbelly” of Axis Europe. The gallery will cover the major events in the Allied campaign to liberate Sicily through three exhibits: Operation Husky, Taking Palermo, and Race for Messina. The Allied invasion, dubbed, Operation Husky, succeeded despite a fierce German counterattack and rivalries between American and British commanders. Putting behind them a tragic friendly fire episode and lingering doubts from the North Africa campaign, American forces proved themselves and, led by General Patton, won glory with the first liberation of a major European city, Palermo. This immersive space will employ an animated map and an array of artifacts and photographs as it tracks the storming of the strategic island.

The Invasion of Sicily gallery is an available naming opportunity. If you are interested in obtaining more details about sponsoring this gallery, please contact Ashley Nash at 504-528-1944 x348

Post by Lauren Bevis, Donor Relations Manager, and Ashley Nash, Prospect Coordinator.

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