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National History Day State Contest Results: National Finalists Selected

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On Saturday, April 12, 250 middle and high school students from all across Louisiana arrived at The National WWII Museum for the National History Day State Contest. Months of research and planning went into these students’ projects which were conducted on historical topics of their own choosing. Many of the students selected their topics in the fall and then spent much of the spring conducting research online, in libraries and at historical sites and archives. With the option to create either an exhibit, a documentary, a performance, a website or a documentary, students could display their research in the way they deemed most effective.

The theme of the Contest was “Rights and Responsibilities in History,” and to address this theme, many students chose topics focused on civil rights issues, labor struggles and the history of gun control. Each student’s project was reviewed by a panel of judges, and students were granted 15 minutes to answer questions related to their research process.

The top 2 entries in each category were selected to represent Louisiana at the National History Day Contest to be held at the University of Maryland from June 15-19, 2014.

National Finalists

Junior Individual Exhibit

1. Kelsey Billiot
The Trapper’s War

St. Bernard Middle School

2. Hadeel Kasji
Seeds of Peace

John Quincy Adams Middle School


Junior Individual Web Site

1. Dalyn Turner
Minority Voting Rights

Math, Science and Arts Academy-West

2. Zoie Spears
Effects of Apartheid on the Status of Women in South Africa

Math, Science and Arts Academy-West


Junior Individual Paper

1. Lye Bordelon-Walker
The Fall of the Wall

Runnels School

2. Hasham Warrich
The Rights of Jewish People: Pre and Post Nazi Era

Meisler Middle School


Junior Individual Documentary

1. Zandra Zemmels
Viewer Discretion is Advised: The Rights and Responsibilities of the MPAA
Lusher Charter School

2. Abbie Johnson
The Nineteenth Amendment

Math, Science & Arts Academy West


Junior Group Exhibit

1. Madison Russell, Jessica Staggs
Vichy France: The Complexity of Humanity’s Past and the Implications that Individual Choices Have on Others & The Future

Northwestern Middle School

2. Dylan Bennett, Sarah Aviles, Theresa-Anne Sklar
The Cristero War

St. Mary’s-Natchitoches


Junior Group Web Site

1. Nohemi Lainez, Pamela Caceras
The Desegregation of the Jefferson Parish School System

John Quincy Adams Middle School

2. Briyana Vega-Percorina, Fernando Pavon, Ashely Caseres
The First Ladies
John Quincy Adams Middle School


Junior Group Documentary

1. Sebina Hajarevic, Admir Hajarevic, Selma Omerbasic, Mahmut Alagic, Demir Hajarevic
Human Rights Violations in the Bosnian War

John Quincy Adams Middle School

2.  Nico Anzaldua, Noel Anzaldua
Miranda Rights

Math, Science and Arts Academy-West


Junior Group Performance

1. Cole Conrad, Ben Ellender, Brayli Wix, Jill Elliot, Will George
Rights and Responsibilities: The Vietnam Experience

S.P. Arnett Middle School

2. Raneen Badr, Helen Kim, Micaela Bazile, Tiffany Cheng, Jasmine LeCesne
Child Labor Conference

Meisler Middle School


Senior Individual Exhibit

1. Brynne Lucas
Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries

Catholic of Pointe Coupee

2. Renee Trepagnier
Blatant Barriers in Girl’s Education Rights

Catholic of Pointe Coupee


Senior Individual Web Site

1. Minahil Khan
Life Behind the Veil: Muslim Women in Pakistan

Alfred Bonnabel High School

2. Claylon Howard
Child Labor and Education

Math, Science, & Arts Academy-West


Senior Individual Paper

1. Elizabeth Long
Magna Carta: The Basis of Democratic Rights in the U.S.

St. Mary’s-Natchitoches

2. Margarite LaBorde
Ancient Censorship: Greek and Roman Rights in Writing

Port Allen High School


Senior Individual Documentary

1. Jaydon Gibbs
Rights and Responsibilities: SDS and the Weather Underground

Westlake High School

2. Avery Grimshaw
China’s Children: A History of the One Child Policy

Caddo Magnet High School


Senior Individual Performance

1. Austin Farrow
Behind the Beret: The Other Side of the Story

Caddo Magnet High School

2. Zoe Zemmels
Bloody Sunday: Civil Rights vs. Governmental Responsibility

Ben Franklin High School


Senior Group Exhibit

1. Kate Caillet, Montana Hotard
Take a Shot…Rights and Responsibilities of Vaccinations

Catholic of Pointe Coupee

2.  Kyle Bourque, John-Mason Hendrix
A Man’s Duty

Catholic of Pointe Coupee


Senior Group Web Site

1. Sydney Neal, Amber Neal
The Trail Where They Cried: The Forced Removal of the Five Civilized Tribes

Math, Science & Arts Academy West

2. Chaddrick Smith, Mkyelas Peterson
The Tinker Trial

Plaquemine High School


Senior Group Documentary

1. Peyton Richard, Hailey Reaux, Raily Reaux, Selena Rousseau
Ice Pick Brains: Walter Freeman and the Transorbital Lobotomy

Math, Science and Arts Academy West

2. Jack Ha, Christina Hoang, Markzavion Taylor, Diep Vo
Cotton Fire: The Triangle Shirtwaist Tragedy

Helen Cox High School


Senior Group Performance

1. Hoang Nguyen, Cham Phan
Love for HOMOsapiens: The Rights of the LGBT Community

Helen Cox High School

2.  Lana Thalje, Karla DeBrae
Physicians Fight Against Yellow Fever

Caddo Magnet High School


Special Awards

International History Award

Ewan Todt-Tutchener
Australia’s Stolen Generations: Government Power and Parental Rights

Episcopal of Acadiana


National History Award

Kevian Madison
I’m in the Army Now: Women’s Rights and Responsibilities in the Military

Helen Cox High School


Local History Award

Ryann Beard
No Right to Leave: Living in Carville

Catholic of Pointe Coupee


Research Award

Morni Modi
Vulnerable as Lab Mice: The Abominable Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Caddo Magnet High School


History Day Dedication Award

William Foltz
Education: The Human Right with Immense Responsibilities

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

Matthew Foltz
The Second Amendment: Both the Rights it Bestows and the Responsibilities it Requires

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy


History Day Teacher of the Year–Middle School

Michael Cilano
Catholic of Pointe Coupee


History Day Teacher of the Year–High School

Tara Cox
East St. John High School


Patricia Behring NHD Teacher Ambassadors

LaToya Bailey
Helen Cox High School

Esther Perez-Zemmels
John Quincy Adams Middle School

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