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Normandy Academy Preparation With the Digital Collections

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Malarkey videoWhen the Normandy Academy students prepare for their trip to France, they will explore the oral history collection featured on the Digital Collections of The National WWII Museum. In addition to a reading list that puts the war in context, the oral histories provide the stories of the men who fought in the same places the students will visit.

The oral histories will cover four different experiences in Normandy through four individuals. Marvin Perrett, a US Navy coxswain discusses bringing troops to shore at Utah Beach and the disastrous training operation called Exercise Tiger. Don Malarkey’s oral history highlights the training necessary to become a paratrooper and his experience after landing in Normandy. Walt Ehlers gives the infantry perspective on Omaha Beach and describes his actions from June 7-9 for which he received the Medal of Honor. Finally, Len Lomell’s oral history brings to light the struggle for Pointe du Hoc undertaken by the US 2nd Ranger Battalion.

The students on the trip will visit each place and remember the journey taken by these men. While looking out from the beaches, students will be able to visualize Walt Ehlers and Marvin Perrett aboard a landing craft heading for shore. Standing near a monument to the Rangers, students can imagine Len Lommell climbing a rope ladder from the bottom of the cliff. On a tour of Brecourt Manor, students will be able to traverse the same grounds that Don Malarkey did seventy years ago.

Registration for the 2014 Normandy Academy is ongoing. To register or receive more information, call 1-877-813-3329, ext. 514 or visit us here.

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