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Hogan’s Heroes at the Museum

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Meanwhile back at the Museum…. we wrapped up our series Hogan’s Heroes Happy Hour, in the line of related programming for our special exhibit, Guests of the Third Reich: American POWs in Europe. Over the course of five weeks, we followed 10 episodes of the television sitcom, which aired from 1965-1971. With over 160 episodes to choose from, it was difficult to select two each week. During its primetime run, Hogan’s Heroes was very popular with children and its slapstick routines brought laughter every time. This proved true also during our month-long series, as one devoted family showed up every week (despite baseball schedules!) for more laughs.

The television show and its comic treatment of the subject of captivity under the Nazis, was and is still highly contested. We heard polar opposite opinions on Hogan’s Heroes and its merit—from the child of a former POW who recalled watching his dad’s favorite show to the child of a former POW who recalled that his dad did not find the show the least bit funny. Regardless of one’s opinion on the show’s value, it is undeniable that the series brought the subject of Allied POW’s experiences in the hands of Germany back into the public eye.

During our Monday night series, we screened ten episodes of the classic series, spanning all of its six seasons. It was tough to pick a favorite.  The episodes that we screened are below:

Week 1: “The Informer” and “Hold that Tiger”

Week 2: “Tanks for the Memory” and “Happiness is a Warm Sergeant”

Week 3: Colonel Klink’s Secret Weapon” and “Sergeant Schultz meets Mata Hari”

Week 4: “War Takes a Holiday” and “Monkey Business”

Week 5: “The Pizza Parlor” and “Get Fit or Fight”

We hope to continue this series, weather-permitting outdoors, in the fall. Stay tuned for more from Stalag 13. We have 155 more episodes to choose from.

What are some of your favorite episodes? What episodes would you like to see on the big screen?

Post by Curator Kimberly Guise and Education Coordinator Lauren Handley.

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