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New Orleans Regional History Day Results

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On March 23, 2013, the New Orleans Regional History Day Contest took place at The National WWII Museum. More than 150 Students from five local parishes submitted their research projects for the competition. Students competed in one of five categories—exhibit, research paper, performance, documentary, or web site. Students could create and submit their project on their own or as part of a group. In addition to having their projects on display in the Museum, each student interviewed with a judging panel to defend their work and give the judges insight into their research process.

Students chose a range of topics including popular culture icons like Elvis Presley or Walt Disney and impacts of conflicts like World War II and the Cold War. One group of students went all the way back to the invention of the wheel with their rolling exhibit, while another group looked at more recent developments with a performance on the development and impact of hip hop dancing.

Winners in all categories were selected. Top projects in each category will return to the Museum on April 20, 2013 to compete against their peers from around the state in the Louisiana History Day State Contest. The top two projects in each category advance to the National Contest in Washington, DC from June 9-13, 2013.


First Place Projects


Junior Individual Exhibit

Aiden Edler

The Fall of the Berlin Wall & The Decline of the Soviet Empire


Junior Individual Paper

Kenny Nguyen

The Meiji Restoration


Junior Individual Documentary

Zandra Zemmels

Where is Everybody? A Turning point in Science Fiction Literature


Junior Individual Performance

Nohemi Lugo

The Louisiana Purchase


Junior Individual Web Site

Aroosa Cheema

Vietnam War: The Tet Offensive


Junior Group Exhibit

Lailon Watson, Tyler Nunemacher, Harjudin Satrovic, and Lloyd Nash

Impact of Jackie Robinson’s Integration of Major League Baseball


Junior Group Performance

Karl Clements, Mary Young, Rehanna Ottallah, Autumn Bray, and Jessica Wallace

The Greensboro Sit-In: A Flashback in Time


Junior Group Documentary

Bryce Ducote and Olivia O’Neil

Jazz: A Turning Point in History


Junior Group Web Site

Minahil Khan and Elisabeth Garcia

Turning Points in the Central Pacific: Ambush at Pearl Harbor


Senior Individual Exhibit

Alexis Johnson

The Works of Sigmund Freud


Senior Individual Paper

David Girgis

A Flame That Changed America: Turning Points of the Chicago Fire


Senior Individual Performance

Zoe Zemmels

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: A Turning Point in the Human Experience


Senior Group Documentary

Kathy Nguyen, JCindy Simporios, Jasmine Paniagua, Anna Hoang, and Bryana Bailey

Roe v. Wade: A Legacy of Law & Morality


Senior Individual Web Site

John Cook-Moulin

North American P-51 Mustang


Senior Group Exhibit

Michael Indest and Aurora Washington

The Gutenberg Press and How it Changed History


Senior Group Performance

Randy Phan and Hoang Nguyen

The History of Hip Hop Dance


Senior Group Web Site

Nida Amin and Roshell Smith

The French and Indian War

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