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The Return of White Glove Wednesday

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I’ve been interested in World War II for as long as I can remember. I’ve read more books on the war than I can count, and if you name a movie about the war I’ve probably seen it. However, like most Americans alive today, I wasn’t there when it happened. Although I’ve talked to thousands of veterans over sixteen years of working in WWII museums, most of my knowledge of the war is secondhand.

Since becoming one of the curators here at The National WWII Museum two years ago, I’ve really started to delve into the minutia of the infantryman’s equipment in World War II. After all, minutia is my job. I could probably bore you to tears with all kinds of information about the M1928 haversack and how it differs from the M1910 it replaced. I could rattle on about how the pack, when fully loaded for field use, could weigh up to 40 pounds. Not to mention the rifle, helmet, boots, and everything else that, when taken together, weighed about 55 pounds.

Now it’s one thing to read on this blog or on an exhibit label how heavy an infantryman’s pack was. It’s another thing entirely to try the pack on and find out for yourself. The National World War II Museum is pleased to announce White Glove Wednesday, a free public program offered in the Louisiana Memorial Pavilion each Wednesday morning from 9:00-12:00.

Please join me for a hands-on demonstration of World War II infantry equipment. You’re free to pick up, try on and try out original and reproduction American and German boots, helmets, uniforms, packs, and other field equipment. The white gloves are optional, but learning something isn’t.

Also, please be sure to inquire about the difference between the M1928 and the M1910 haversack!

Written by Curator Eric Rivet

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