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Regional History Day Contest at The National WWII Museum

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On Saturday, March 24, The National WWII Museum hosted the New Orleans Regional History Day Contest. Students from Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, and St. Tammany Parishes arrived with their exhibits, documentaries, performances, research papers, and web sites for a review of their work. Each student was able to present his/her project and then participate in a 10 minute interview with a panel of three judges. Students were able to discuss their research methodologies, their content, and their sources during their interviews.

The theme for the contest was Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History. This sparked a creative array of topics ranging from a performance on an uprising in the Treblinka Death Camp to an exhibit on Blaine Kern’s role in Mardi Gras to a web site on Curt Flood and the advent of free agency in baseball. Higgins Boats proved to be an especially popular topic with three separate exhibits focusing on these revolutionary landing boats. Entries were judged on how well students connected their topics to the theme along with the quality of their historical research and their presentation skills.


After a period for editing and revising, projects will return for the State Contest on April 21 at The National WWII Museum to compete for a chance to advance to the National History Day Contest held in June at the University of Maryland.


Winners were selected in the following categories:


Junior Individual Paper:                              

Kim Tran—N.P. Trist Middle School

China: The Cultural Revolution


Senior Individual Paper:

Daniel Alexander—Belle Chasse High School

The Effects of the Internet on Communication, Social Media, and Privacy


Junior Individual Exhibit:

Hadeel Kasji—John Quincy Adams Middle School

Disturbance in the Grand Mosque


Junior Group Exhibit

Jiemin Yang, Siqi Liang, Huanyao Yang, Xinyi Chen—T.H. Harris Middle School

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution


Senior Individual Exhibit

Marley Barovechio—New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

Medicine:  Reform not Revolution


Senior Group Exhibit

Chante Randolph, Richard Cotton—New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

The Big Bang: 20th Century Weapons


Junior Individual Documentary

Riley Loria—N.P. Trist Middle School

Punk Rock: A Music Revolution


Senior Individual Documentary

Zoe Zemmels—Ben Franklin Senior High School

Changing the World with Only One Finger: Ed Roberts and the Revolution of Disability Rights


Senior Group Documentary

Kathy Nguyen, JCindy Simporios, Anna Hoang, Jasmine Paniagua—Helen Cox High School

Black Empowerment: Surviving from Jim Crow Era


Junior Individual Web Site

Zandra Zemmels—Lusher Charter School

From House Pets to Heroes: The Transformation of American War Dogs


Junior Group Web Site

Daniel Thompson, Ahmad Alkurd, Raven Fries—Andrew Jackson Middle School

World War 2 Atomic Bomb


Senior Individual Web Site

Gerard Cook-Moulin—Pearl River High School

Pearl Harbor


Junior Individual Performance

Meghan St. Angelo—N.P. Trist Middle School

Treblinka: Revolt or Death


Senior Individual Performance

Jordan Johnson—Helen Cox High School

Fighting the Struggle

This post by Louisiana History Day Coordinator Nathan Huegen

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