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WWII Quiz Bowl wins an Oscar (not really)

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The Museum hosted its 8th annual WWII Quiz Bowl this past Saturday, featuring teams from 25 high schools across Louisiana.  The competition included questions on a wide variety of WWII topics (Europe, Asia/Pacific, African Americans, Sci-Tech, Propaganda Posters, and more) and several challenging teamwork activities (spaghetti and marshmallow tower building!).

Two St. Tammany Parish public schools, Mandeville High School and Northshore High School, were the top two finishers and will compete in the live final round on Thursday, March 22, at 6:00pm, on Cox Channel 4.  Mandeville, under the leadership of their Quiz Bowl coach Elena Marina, will be going for a 3-peat, having won the last two WWII Quiz Bowls Championships.  This will be Northshore’s first time in the finals, but their coach, Stacey Hebert, has great confidence in her young team.  I wish both teams good luck and advise them to study, study, study, as I will be asking some really tough questions next month.

“The Big Three” from Mandeville and the “Northshore Panzers

Saturday’s preliminary competition was filmed by Cox and will be shown several times on Cox 4 leading up to the finals.  Check your local listings.

Think you’ve got the stuff to compete against these kids?  Try your hand at a few of the questions:

1. Put these European War events in chronological order:

a)     Operation Overlord
b)     Operation Barbarossa
c)     Second Armistice at Compiegne
d)     The Wannsee Conference

2. What segregated portion of Camp Lejeune, NC, was the training facility for the first African American Marines?

3. Most of the life-saving penicillin manufactured during WWII was cultured from mold found on what?

a)     A slice of bread
b)     A tomato
c)     A cantaloupe
d)     A salami

4. Recently, a mansion that once belonged to Nazi collaborator Vidkun Quisling was restored into a center for religious tolerance.  Which country did Quisling lead during WWII?

Posted by Director of Education and Quizmaster Kenneth Hoffman

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